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I’m a big fan of travelling, at 19 I voyaged to the USA to travel around the east coast and also worked as an Adventure Instructure in Camp Monroe NY. Afterwards I studied my BA in Business Economics. In the gap between 2nd and 3rd year I voyaged further afield to SE Asia and travelled through: Singapore, Milaysia, Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, and Cambodia in 3 months. I then studied a MSc in Economics at Leeds University and opened my food subscription business ‘Bake That’ in 2017. After a year of doing this I decided to travel down to Falmouth to study for a MA in Entrepreneurship whist co-creating Roamey with my teammates Devin & Georgie. 

Tom Weston

Co-Founder, Tom's Profile


I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and was lucky enough to grow up with Table Mountain as my back garden and the Atlantic Ocean as my playground. I regularly got to experience the wonder of wildlife in vast nature reserves, and this, alongside growing up surfing,  was a strong influence on me, instilling a passion for experiencing and protecting the natural world. With travels through South Africa, Africa, Thailand, the Maldives, India, Australia, USA,  and Europe.

I’ve always had grand ambitions to make the world a better place…I worked as a holistic therapist, mindfulness and meditation coach for around 20 years, I studied Brand Leadership to get into Corporate Social Responsibility, and I’ve been working on the concept of a future eco-village for 25 years! I worked as a Brand consultant and in all aspects of Marketing for 15 years, promoting ethical practices through creative strategy. 

Now, through Roamey and with my awesome co-founders, I look to inspire people to engage with every chance they have to make moments matter, by doing what they dream of while building strong communities and businesses through responsible choices and actions.

Devin Botes

Co-Founder, Devin's Profile

I was brought up in a world attending exhibitions, visiting factories, traveling… you name it; my Mum and Dad led the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle. It wasn’t until I was much older I realised how much it had rubbed off on me – rummaging through my Dads network, calling up factories, to ask whether or not they wanted a new designer – and hey-presto, one of them did! I soon after that was invited out to Fuzhou to visit the factory and exhibit at the world’s largest Arts & Crafts fair in Guangzhou. I was completely enamoured, and although it didn’t quite work in my favour, (sales were low), I gained invaluable experience; establishing and maintaining effective relationships with the management team, working closely with the sales team and having hands on experience setting up the exhibitions. I learnt the hard way how to take “creative” feedback from team leaders and clients, dealt with worldwide retailers, alongside, practicing and perfecting my graphic design skills – which at this point were all self-taught! 

Alongside this I was studying Fine Art at Birmingham University. I went in as a traditional Fine Artist painting Landscapes and Animals. Anyone with a Fine Art background will know just how much they encourage you to explore the “weird and wonderful” – I was soon creating installations, carving sculptures whilst being inspired by environmental art.  I was particularly inspired by climate change and global warming, I carried out several focus groups and found there were two main barriers – individual barriers and social barriers. I found that people were aware of the crisis but felt it was difficult to change one’s lifestyle so dramatically. At the social level, perceptions of a lack of political action and inaction by industry were considered barriers; as indeed was a concern around social norms and the power of habits. My mission was to overcome human’s tendency to value their own personal experiences over the unseen future. I wanted to disengage from facts and figures by making the data “vivid” and real through my artwork; something tangible which we all could relate to. Having gone to University as a traditional Painter I soon turned into what I felt was an Art Activist!

I’ve also been an outdoorsy girl. During the summer of 2016 I packed up my Bike with my Brother, with two panniers on the back and flew to Norway, not only to take in the beautiful scenery but to also challenge ourselves -how little could we live on for 6 weeks – we ended up carrying 10KG each, eating a vegan diet, camping the whole way, no public transport (apart from ferries where it was necessary). I’ve backpacked across South East Asia, trekked Switzerland and cycled London – Pairs. Newcastle – Whitehaven..I’m currently gearing up for my next venture.

I’ve worked in Hospitality; I was that sucker behind reception that used to get shouted out by customers – “Why doesn’t my room look like the picture I saw online?” they’d ask. My response was “did you book through, did you book through Expedia? People were unaware of these online platforms and their misleading sales tactics – in my eyes they were creating a toxic relationship between the customer and hotels – and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. I tried out several other part-time jobbys down in Cornwall.  However I wasn’t satisfied. I was planning on moving to London, in fact, I had secured a job (As an Art Consultant) and was ready to move within the week. The phone called and it was the Launchpad Programme (an incubation Hub for start-ups) asking if I wanted to have an interview – and BINGO – I got a place on the course! I was put with an incredible team who I can now call my Co-founders with complementary skills to myself. After a long year of due diligence, pivoting, studying and working hard we managed to create Roamey – which is not just any old discovery platform – but a platform which gives companies autonomy, equality, fairer rates because we believe in empowering entrepreneurs and making moments matter.

Georgie Harrison

Co-Founder, Georgie's Profile

Our Advisors

Graduate from Cambridge with a Masters in Engineering. Worked at Tarragon Embedded Technology – shortly to be bought out by Ricardo plc, a significant UK automotive consultancy. He has worked on projects such as the gearbox for the Bugatti Veyron, & specialised in image processing  (ISP) in mobile phones. 

Ben Sewell

Technical Advisor & Non Exec Director, Ben's Profile

Anneke is our team coach, advising us on strategic marketing and bringing our product to market. She is a PHD researcher in Entrepreneurship, (Northumbria University), with an MSc in Strategic Marketing from the Cranfield School of Management

Anneke Edmonds

Marketing Advisor, Anneke's Profile

Jacob is an expert in overseeing the full lifecycle of a digital product build and then venture launch. Using his experience as an Art Director he can take a concept from a blank sheet of paper through the research, branding, UX/UI stages. He’s a full stack product designer and entrepreneur.

Jacob Becket

Product Advisor, Jacob's Profile

Joe is Founder and CEO of The Wave Project; an award-winning charity that helps reduce social isolation amongst vulnerable young people using surfing and peer-mentoring. Joe has a wealth of knowledge around marketing communications, volunteer management and charity governance. 

Joe Taylor

Charity Advisor, Joe's Profile

Aaron has 21 years experience as Owner and Director in the hospitality sector. As an Owner of the Penventon Hotel and Director of Greenbank and Alverton Hotels, Aaron has a wealth of experience to offer the team regarding the hospitality industry. He holds an MBA from the University of Bath and is therefore well placed as our Business Advisor.

Aaron Pascoe

Industry Advisor, Aaron's Profile

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