Roamey Certified

What is Roamey Certified?

There’s a problem with “Reviews” at the moment. There are fake reviews, unfair and dishonest negative reviews, as well as reviews that are paid for. This isn’t great for both businesses and the public who rely on them.

We want to promote Roamey Certification as the answer to these issues, providing the public and participating businesses, with a standardised Roamey Ranking and Certification.

We will review each individual experience taking into account aspects such as customer service, eco-credentials, enjoyment levels and overall experience.

We will provide feedback to businesses on their ratings and provide consultancy on potential improvements all for free. Consultancy can incorporate factors beyond the tangible experience, such as online presence, brand and marketing strategy, design aspects and more.

We will be providing these services for FREE for a limited time only.

Why? We believe in empowering small/medium enterprises, we understand the struggles you have when it comes to online presence, marketing budgets, unfair rates on platforms…we want to disrupt the system and bring back autonomy, bring back equality and for us all to thrive together 💪🏼

Our #MakeMomentsMatter campaign will start on 21st March 2020. Contact us as soon as possible to express your interest and to benefit from our services for free for a limited time only.

The campaign will generate PR for us all, and participating businesses will be listed under “Roamey Certified” on our website, and in future on our exciting app, as well as across our social media platforms and in our blog and vlog.

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