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Our Vision

To help people engage with the world around them, enriching their lives with experiences and empowering them to create positive change together.  

Our Mission

To develop an intuitive multi-sided platform that empowers entrepreneurs and helps Roamers discover and create experiences. Taking the boring and annoying out of organising, so that tasks like decision-making become seamless, fresh and fun. Bringing people together, creating new communities, making moments matter.

Our Community

Join our community of like minded experience indstry proffesionals, coming together to ask questions, provide advice, debate and create amazing solutions. We will be stronger and more amazing together after C19.


1. Online Travel Agency Angst

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are very aware with the problems experience providers are facing with large Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s).

Currently small businesses who provide an experience (surf schools, art classes etc.) need to list themselves on OTA’s in order to have vital online exposure. However due to the global size and influence of OTA’s, these small businesses are controlled by them in the following ways:

  • They don’t allow direct links to the experience providers website.
  • They don’t allow direct contact between users and providers until the booking has been made.
  • They force providers to take bookings through them.
  • They dominate the online arena with huge marketing budgets, taking commission even when people search directly for the provider.
  • They charge large commissions pricing small providers out.
  • They enforce Price Parity – meaning providers cannot set their own pricing strategies.
In Short: They take a large amount of money out of the tourism industry and take autonomy away from experience providers in a hostile way.

2. Discoverability Difficulties

We love travelling and we love trying to find things to do online, but discovering experiences via a single platform is impossible. We use numerous platforms and resources to sift through options and reviews, which is tedious and time consuming! Through our vast amount of research into discovery platforms online we have found that:

  • The Experience market is fragmented.
  • This means that discovering things to do online is chaotic and requires you to have dozens of open tabs across numerous sites.
  • Most Booking and Discovery platforms are aimed towards older generations.
  • They are clinical and unemotive.
  • They are not engaging, visual or inspirational enough to be loved by young generations.
  • Meaning the needs of younger generations are ignored.
  • Places like Pinterest have great visuals and are good for inspiration.
  • However, it is not organised enough to plan a trip on, it is not location based, and it doesn’t link through to enable booking the experience you are viewing.

3. Decision Making Dilemma

We love our friends, and we like doing things with them, but making a decision between a big group of friends is a pain. More often than not you and your group of friends try to organise your experience by messaging on a platform like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger and:
  • The messenging platform quickly becomes saturated with numerous links and ideas of what to do.
  • Inevitably, it soon becomes difficult to follow and one person ends up making the decisions.
  • If you’re lucky, the decision is made by an unengaging poll which most don’t take part in or don’t take seriously.
  • Most people end up doing something they don’t want to do, or don’t bother going.
  • Not very democratic or fair!


Our app Roamey solves all of these pain points in creative ways. We have formed  several strong USP’s which will help us create real value for our users and experience providers. With exciting strategies to achieve viral growth of our userbase.

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